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Dim Sum Mix
With the delicious Dim Sum specialities in the practical assortment box you get four perfectly-matched Dim Sum Delights at one go. Child's play to prepare, you can serve the Dim Sum Mix: classically steamed, crisply deep-fried, hot or cold, as a trendy starter, as a main dish, on the flying buffet, as bar Food, also ideal and authentic for adding to soups. Yaki Gyoza: Thin noodle dough, filled with poultry meat, shrimps, cabbage and chives. Seaweed Roll: Surimi, shrimp, spring onions, Chinese mushrooms, bamboo shoots and carrots, coated with seaweed. Shrimp Shaomai: Composition of shrimp, surimi, yam beans, spring onions and bamboo shoots in a thin wheat dough. Cabbage Roll: Surimi, shrimp, bamboo shoots and carrots wrapped in a soft Chinese cabbage leaf.

Product details:
Sku: 8490900
Packaging unit content: 4 products à 20 pieces = 80 pieces; 4 inner cases x 1,7 kg = 6,8 kg
Product characteristics: cooked
Nutrition Information: average quantity per 100 g:
Calorific value (kj) / (kcal)478 / 113
Fat2.7 g
Fatty acids1 g
Carbohydrates14 g
Sugar3.8 g
Protein8 g
Salt2.1 g